Take a Giant Leap Forward with 1% Steps

Take a Giant Leap Forward with 1% StepsI just read a fascinating blog post by the neuromarketer Roger Dooley (yes, I know, it’s scary that such people exist) in which he suggests that a marketer can improve results quite radically over a fairly short time by finding little ways to improve results very day.

Specifically, Roger cites research that says that 1% improvements day after day can make a 100% improvement in just 43 days.

Well, that certainly caught my attention.

I’m tired of setting big, hopeful intentions to do things differently, only to be right back in the mud two days later. So the idea of finding small ways to get better results (better at what? business, health, fitness, writing, creativity, productivity, relationships — you name it) caught my eye.

I think I can manage to make little improvements in how I do things and stick with them if I try. And collectively, they’ll amount to something.

1% Changes for the Next 14 Days

Here’s my list of little 1% changes for each of the next 14 days.

  1. Make the bed every day before noon (already did this today)
  2. Clean up my desk before turning off my computer every night.
  3. Keep track of my to do lists on Trello without fail
  4. Clean out my email inbox
  5. Clean up my desktop (and keep it that way)
  6. Meditate for 5 minutes a day to let the good stuff surface
  7. Hug Tyko at least once a day
  8. Check in with a client once a week to make sure they are happy
  9. Turn the to-do list upside down and do the onerous stuff first
  10. Imagine desired outcomes
  11. Make a week by week project plan
  12. Write every day for 15 minutes
  13. Contact a business mentor/coach
  14. Review progress

Honestly, just writing this little list has gotten me thinking differently. I’m hopeful and excited that as I do one after another after another, they will open up my mind and creative energy in ways I haven’t experienced yet. Just one little change after another.

Stay tuned! I’ll report back!

TryTry ThisThis

Improve 1% Each Day

What are the small things in your life or business that you can imagine improving? Try making a little 14 day plan for yourself in a simple list (like the one I have above) and see what happens.

Share some of the items on your list below. Or, come on over to Facebook and leave your comment there.