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Witness Your Cycle of Energy from Inaction to Action

Have you ever watched water boil? I mean, actually standing over the pot and watching. It really does boil, even when you watch it! If you do, here's what you'll see. Water Boiling is Like Your Own Energy First, teeny bubbles form at the bottom of the pot. The surface, though unbroken starts … read more »

Finding Meaning in Life by Processing Simple Observations

How often do you pause to look at some aspect of life or the human condition? And when you make a mental discovery, no matter how big or small, how do you process your observations? Do you share your thoughts with a friend? Do you paint a picture or compose a song? Do you make a simple note in your … read more »

What Happens When You Reach a Milestone or Benchmark?

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Are You Willing to Make Your Resistance to Trump Public?

Since the … read more »

Stand Tall and Power Up, Mentally and Physically

When my … read more »

RESIST: Pussyhats Are Just the Start

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The Pussyhat: Knitting a Grass Roots Political Action Movement

Washington … read more »

Question Your Assumptions – They Can Be Very, Very Wrong

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May the New Year Bring You FLOW: Embrace Your Anxiety!

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The Perfect Holiday Gift to End the Year

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