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Friends for Life — Your “Through-Line” Friends


Do you have people in your life who have been friends for so long that you speak in a sort of code? People who have been with you through thick and thin? Friends who know you inside and out? Most people have hundreds or even thousands of acquaintances, but relatively few long-time, deep … read more »

Overcoming Fear: A Personal Letter to Lizard Brain


Do you know that feeling of a sort of tickling in the pit of your stomach?  It's a feeling of excitement and anxiety combined. Those feelings are so close that that you can literally feel excited one minute and panicked the next. It doesn't take much to tip the balance. That's the way I'm feeling right … read more »

My First Adventure with Miracle

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A Dry-Erase Solution to Planning Your Project (or Your Life)

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Trapped in a Crazy Court System

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Ask These Three Questions Every 90 Days

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Why Some Anniversaries are Worth Celebrating

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Seeking Your Advice for Little Miracle

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The Simple Secret to Easily Connect with Anyone

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Why You Have No Reason to Fear Poor Neighborhoods

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