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The Oreo Cookie Approach to Constructive Criticism


How do you feel when someone sends you an email thanking you for something you did and telling you what a great job you did? Feels good, right? Now think about how you feel when you get a curt email pointing out several small mistakes in a big project you spent hours working on. All of that warm positive emotion goes away in a hurry. You feel … read more »

Awe-Inspiring Family Values – The Decorah Bald Eagles


Every day, with my cup of coffee in hand, I click on this website to say good morning to the family of Bald Eagles in Decorah, Iowa. Thanks to my friend Pam, I've been watching them for many weeks. I often check on them several times a day.  A webcam fastened to a tree nearby gives me (and anyone else who chooses to look) a birds eye view of this little … read more »

What You Can Learn From Knowing How Other People See You

In last … read more »

A Simple Way to Find Out How Other People See You

Have you … read more »

Understanding Your Finishing Style

Do you … read more »

Communicate Effectively with Email to Get the Results You Want

I was … read more »

Imagine Being Homeless

Where do … read more »

The Power of Imperfection

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Setting Clear and Specific Goals to Get You Where You Want to Go

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Stuck in the Fog of Indecision: 2 Strategies for Getting Going Again

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