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Remembering Sonia March Nevis

I learned this morning that my teacher and friend Sonia March Nevis passed away.  I've been enjoying my memories of that wonderful woman, calling back the ways in which she changed my life. A Kind Gesture Softened My Heart Sonia was the cofounder of the Gestalt International Study Center on Cape Cod. Some … read more »

What Makes Your Life Significant as You Age?

In the first two quarters of life, the question of significance don't seem to matter much. What's Significant in Your Life, and When? Q1. In the first quarter -- 0 to 25, you are doing your best to become self-sufficient. You learn skills. You grow into and explore your body. You get an education. You go … read more »

7 Ways Women Get Better with Age

As I … read more »

Traveling Through Life: Setting a Destination and Wandering

I just got … read more »

Fighting Procrastination: Walking Through Walls of Resistance

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What Values Do You and Your Community Live By?

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Avoiding Frustration: Scheduling a Meeting for a Large Group of People

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Don’t Do it Yourself – Ask for Help

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One Good Deed Inspires Another

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Fighting Trump’s Tyranny: Eye Contact and Small Talk

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