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Reporting on my Incremental Improvement Plan


Turns out that change, even little step by little step, isn't so easy. Two weeks ago, I wrote a post advocating making little changes day after day after day. And I created the list of changes I'd make daily for fourteen days. Below is my little list of 1% improvements along with my report of what I did … read more »

Wear a Badge to Express Your Goodwill


My friend Liz Jackson, also known as The Girl with the Purple Cane, has come up with a fascinating idea. With the help of the Michael Graves design studio, she has developed a Seat Share badge for people to wear on the subway. Wearing a badge indicates that you are willing to give up your seat to someone … read more »

Take a Giant Leap Forward with 1% Steps

I just … read more »

You are Not Free from Consequences and Perception

A big … read more »

We Are All Sparrows

My friend … read more »

The Discipline and Practice of Gratitude

Have you … read more »

One of the Most Important Life Lessons I’ve Learned

I'm old … read more »

Are you Conscious and Competent? Or are You Creative?

I've been … read more »

How to Say Hello to Strangers and Why it Feels So Good

I had … read more »

Does it Pay to Be a Snitch?

I was … read more »