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Is it Too Late to Stop the Rise of American Fascism?


...It's not happening... ...It's not happening... ...It's not happening... Whoops ! It's too late to stop it. That's been the pattern with climate change. Now, I'm desperately afraid it's the pattern with Donald Trump and the rise of American Fascism. ...He's a fool... ...No one will … read more »

Building a Bridge to End Racism with a Simple ‘Hello’


Racism is top-of-mind for many people lately. The ‘mattering’ of lives, whether black or blue or brown or beige, heightens the awareness of external, outer distinctions between us and the undertow of history that makes them full of meaning. Living here in the South Bronx where I see and rub shoulders … read more »

Depleted! Time to Refill

I've been … read more »

Glance, Cringe and Look Away

When was … read more »

Be Kind to Those Close to You and Reap the Benefits

In 1943, … read more »

Try a Bit of Deep Listening to Get More Out of Life

Do you … read more »

You Caught Me: Solemn Words from a Former Felon

Then you … read more »

Get Help, Organize, and Feel Unburdened

Paralyzed … read more »

How Perfect is Too Perfect?

Over the … read more »

Aspirin and 5 More Tips for Successful Parties

Spring is … read more »