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Trapped in a Crazy Court System


You might be wondering what happened to my felon friend, Clemetin, who was picked up in the park and accused of selling heroin back in August... A crime he didn't commit. A few weeks earlier, he'd been caught stealing a pack of peanuts from a store. He did do that. But that's a far cry from selling a … read more »

Ask These Three Questions Every 90 Days


I just had breakfast with my super smart friend, Brigid Ganley, who started a new job this year. When she was starting out in her new job, she set up a meeting with every staff member in her department and asked each of them the following questions: What would you preserve and why? What would you … read more »

Why Some Anniversaries are Worth Celebrating

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Seeking Your Advice for Little Miracle

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The Simple Secret to Easily Connect with Anyone

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Why You Have No Reason to Fear Poor Neighborhoods

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If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…

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Autumn Anxiety: Build a Head of Steam to Get You Going

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Was it Disrespect that Lead to the Death of Michael Brown?

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How to Kick Your Email Addiction Once and For All

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