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Ask These Three Questions Every 90 Days


I just had breakfast with my super smart friend, Brigid Ganley, who started a new job this year. When she was starting out in her new job, she set up a meeting with every staff member in her department and asked each of them the following questions: What would you preserve and why? What would you … read more »

Why Some Anniversaries are Worth Celebrating


I've always poo-pooed birthdays. The years roll by. Numbers grow year by year. So what! In truth, you've done little (or nothing) to earn your good fortune of having lived through another year. So in my family, most birthdays' pass by with little notice. But some anniversaries are worth … read more »

Seeking Your Advice for Little Miracle

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The Simple Secret to Easily Connect with Anyone

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Why You Have No Reason to Fear Poor Neighborhoods

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Autumn Anxiety: Build a Head of Steam to Get You Going

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Was it Disrespect that Lead to the Death of Michael Brown?

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How to Kick Your Email Addiction Once and For All

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The Meaning of Life: Are You Just Clocking Time?

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