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What Should You Do When You Don’t Feel Heard?

What do do when you're not heard

Do you ever feel as though people just don't seem to be hearing you? Have you ever rankled a bit when something you said just a few minutes earlier gets attributed to someone else? That happens to me sometimes, and it surprises me. I'm not shy. I don't tend to shrink. And I'm not usually quiet. So it's … read more »

Let a Breeze Blow Through Your House


Do you take your emotions seriously? Do they grab you and toss you around? Do you sometimes feel like you are being manipulated by a great emotion-puppeteer who pulls your strings? Strong emotions have an immediacy and power that are hard to ignore. And compounding their power is the related (and … read more »

How Big Do You Choose to Be?

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Open Yourself Up to Learning New Ideas – Like Time Quilting

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Shorter, Targeted Presentations = More Impact

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What Does it Mean to Have Limited Opportunities?

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Artificially Prolonging Life: The Gawande Condundrum

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6 Years of Freedom and 3 Valuable Lessons

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Are You Afraid to Open the Doors of Possibility? Fear Not!

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Good or Great: Is 80% Effort Good Enough?

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