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Question Your Assumptions – They Can Be Very, Very Wrong

It's easy to make assumptions about people. I do it all the time and you probably do too. We All Make Assumptions Assumptions help you make short-hand sense of the world.  You expect people in a certain place to look and dress a certain way.  And when that's not the way they look, you make assumptions that … read more »

May the New Year Bring You FLOW: Embrace Your Anxiety!

I woke up this morning full of dread. Or, more precisely, I was full of anxiety, which feels a bit like dread. The New Year has begun. The vacation days are over and the list of things to be done feels mountainous. Anxiety Stems from the Unknown Some of the items on that list are simple and I know how … read more »

The Perfect Holiday Gift to End the Year

This week, … read more »

Lean in Softly

Have you … read more »

Use the Cycle of Creation to Get Things Done

Months … read more »

The Anti-Trump Armband Project Takes Shape

I couldn't … read more »

Would You Take a Stand for Your Values?

Since the … read more »

If / When-Then: A Tactic to Help You Follow Through

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My Silent Decry of “Idiot” Chased Her Away From the Table

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Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Joy

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