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What Does it Mean to Have Limited Opportunities?


I've been enjoying Seth Godin's new book, What to do When It's Your Turn (and it's always your turn). It's a beautiful book. Fantastic images. Elegantly laid out. And it has one of those covers you just like to touch. One image in the book jumped out at me. It shows a wonderful photo of 29 physicists … read more »

Artificially Prolonging Life: The Gawande Condundrum

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Have you read Being Mortal by Atul Gawande? If not, you should! Everyone should. This remarkable book describes how dying has become medicalized. It used to be that people got sick and died. They were killed by influenza and TB and heat attacks, cancer and strokes. These things happened to them and, … read more »

6 Years of Freedom and 3 Valuable Lessons

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Are You Afraid to Open the Doors of Possibility? Fear Not!

It's such … read more »

Good or Great: Is 80% Effort Good Enough?

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Pushing Past Complexity to Discover Elegant Simplicity

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Handling Overwhelm, Staying Productive and Asking for Help

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A Cry for Help – How Do You Manage Overwhelm?

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Shoplifting, Central Booking and Cookies in the South Bronx

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Having a Beginner’s Mindset is Good for You

My phone … read more »