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IMPORTANT! It’s Time to STOP Undermining Hillary Clinton


I'm scared. I'm truly scared that Donald Trump might become the next president of our country. I've been listening to what people are saying, and I find that even my liberal friends and associates have been brainwashed to undermine Hillary Clinton. They criticize her even though they plan to vote for … read more »

Plan Your Life with the Altitude Planning Framework


Does September get your adrenaline pumping? I woke up this morning ready for school. I organized my pens, cleaned up my desk and even signed up for an on-line course. I felt like I should pack my lunch or organize my back pack! Ideas are swirling. Energy is pumping. And with a flood of morning lists and … read more »

Three E-Mail Offerings to Enrich Your Life

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See Something, Say Something?

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A Sobering Life Lesson: Don’t Wait Til It’s Too Late

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Are You in Charge of Your Life?

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Is it Too Late to Stop the Rise of American Fascism?

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Building a Bridge to End Racism with a Simple ‘Hello’

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Depleted! Time to Refill

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Glance, Cringe and Look Away

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