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The Very Real Dark Underbelly of Gentrification


When Tyko and I moved to the South Bronx seven years ago, we unwittingly became gentrifiers. It's hard to think of ourselves that way, but in reality that's what we are. We are people who have moved into a poor neighborhood, not because we must, but because we can. All of our married lives we've lived … read more »

Increasing Your Money Awareness

Money jars

I've never been very good with money. Somehow, it has never felt super important. I roughly moderate my spending to correspond with what I have, not through any serious budgeting process, but just by listening to the little voices in my head that warn me when the balance between spending and earning is … read more »

Exposing Yourself: Why Asking For Help is Healthy

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No More “I’m Sorry”

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If You Could Be Someone Else, Who Would it Be?

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Weird Money Stories and My Quest to Improve

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Reporting on my Incremental Improvement Plan

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Wear a Badge to Express Your Goodwill

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Take a Giant Leap Forward with 1% Steps

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You are Not Free from Consequences and Perception

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