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Fighting Procrastination: Walking Through Walls of Resistance

Every time I have a big project to do -- one that take thought and attention and care -- I've got to find a way to walk through a wall. Again and again, I walk right up to the wall of resistance and turn around to do something less stressful. Comfortable Procrastination Rituals I admire people who seem … read more »

What Values Do You and Your Community Live By?

Do you take the values you live by for granted? Do you ever discuss them? Or do you assume that you and the people you associate with agree? And who is your community, anyway?  Your family? Your neighbors? Your clubs or special interest groups? Your living community? In all likelihood, you have several … read more »

Avoiding Frustration: Scheduling a Meeting for a Large Group of People

I've been … read more »

Don’t Do it Yourself – Ask for Help

You've … read more »

One Good Deed Inspires Another

This … read more »

Fighting Trump’s Tyranny: Eye Contact and Small Talk

Shortly … read more »

Do a Little Composting Math and Help the Environment

Several … read more »

The Optimum Goal of Parenting: Benign Irrelevance

We have … read more »

Washing Away Unnecessary Anxiety and Unwarranted Blame

I tossed … read more »

See Something, Say Something: Vigilance and Kindness

Have you … read more »