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Was it Disrespect that Lead to the Death of Michael Brown?

Michael Brown

I keep trying to make sense of what happened to Michael Brown on August 9, 2014. Some powerful concoction of anger, pride, racism and fear came together in an awful brew that left young Michael dead on the street. It was with thoughts about this tragedy swirling in my mind that I walked over to St. … read more »

How to Kick Your Email Addiction Once and For All


I just realized that I'm addicted to e-mail. Are you? I check my email constantly. A corner of my eye is always on my inbox. When something new appears, I'm sucked away from whatever else I'm trying to get done. And I don't like it. My email addiction adds up to feeling empty and unsatisfied … read more »

The Meaning of Life: Are You Just Clocking Time?

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Do You Feel Safe Sitting on a Bench Enjoying a Summer Day?

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See Your World With New Eyes

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A Simple Way to Make Your Neighborhood More Friendly

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Become an Art Collector and Create a Lifetime of Memories

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The Power and Importance of Being Kind for a Healthy Life

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Working to Deadlines: How to Build Up a Head of Steam

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The Fragile Fabric of Trust

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