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Don’t Do it Yourself – Ask for Help

You've probably heard the old saying: Want advice, ask for money. Want money, as for advice. It's a phrase people often use in the fundraising world. A phrase so simple that it masks the profound power of that sentiment. Think of it this way... If you do everything by yourself, you're effectiveness is … read more »

One Good Deed Inspires Another

This morning I picked up the trash at St. Mary's Park, as I often do. One Good Deed... I bring some latex gloves with me when I go out the morning and spend the first 15 or 20 minutes of my time at the park walking around the track, looking from side to side for candy wrappers and fast-food packaging and … read more »

Fighting Trump’s Tyranny: Eye Contact and Small Talk

Shortly … read more »

Do a Little Composting Math and Help the Environment

Several … read more »

The Optimum Goal of Parenting: Benign Irrelevance

We have … read more »

Washing Away Unnecessary Anxiety and Unwarranted Blame

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See Something, Say Something: Vigilance and Kindness

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Witness Your Cycle of Energy from Inaction to Action

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Finding Meaning in Life by Processing Simple Observations

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What Happens When You Reach a Milestone or Benchmark?

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