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Small Gestures of Appreciation Can Make a Big Difference

What a special holiday Thanksgiving is. It encourages us to notice and think about and give thanks for the good things in life. This Thanksgiving, I plan to go around our holiday table and tell each person that I appreciate them and explain why. In fact, I think I'll start my day tomorrow (Thanksgiving … read more »

The Guitar Teacher Who Took Advantage: Handling Sexual Harassment

The recent announcements of men taking advantage of young women has struck a chord with me. I know it has for many women. We've spent years burying experiences ... walling them off as though they never happened. But when Beverly Nelson tearfully described her encounter with Roy Moore when she was 16, I … read more »

When You Care Enough: The Secret of Asking for Help

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Small Changes Over Time Equal Big Results

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Jumping Rope: Learning Something New Later in Life

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Remembering Sonia March Nevis

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What Makes Your Life Significant as You Age?

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7 Ways Women Get Better with Age

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Traveling Through Life: Setting a Destination and Wandering

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Fighting Procrastination: Walking Through Walls of Resistance

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