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Are You Afraid to Open the Doors of Possibility? Fear Not!


It's such fun to think about possibilities. You might do this or you might do that. Sometimes the opportunities seem endless and exciting. Many doors with well-oiled hinges are within your reach. All you have to do is to gently push on them and they open so you can get a glimpse of what's behind them. I … read more »

Good or Great: Is 80% Effort Good Enough?


Are you an 80 percenter? Are you confident that no matter what you take on, you'll do a good job... at least an 80% job? Most people I know do at least an 80% job of just about everything they do. That's just their baseline. Doing a good job is the norm. I expect it of my friends and acquaintances … read more »

Pushing Past Complexity to Discover Elegant Simplicity

I would … read more »

Handling Overwhelm, Staying Productive and Asking for Help

Clearly, … read more »

A Cry for Help – How Do You Manage Overwhelm?

I thought … read more »

Shoplifting, Central Booking and Cookies in the South Bronx

This was … read more »

Having a Beginner’s Mindset is Good for You

My phone … read more »

A Good Reason to Celebrate Endings

Your … read more »

Living Full Whack

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Retribution, Reaction and Response: Tamir Rice Meets Lizard Brain

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