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The Anti-Trump Armband Project Takes Shape


I couldn't shake it from my mind.  And I can't let it go. I'm in mourning for the ideals I hold dear -- the ideals of my 70+ year lifetime. I've gotten lots of thoughts and suggestions from friends and acquaintances.  And I've gotten help.   Help thinking through and designing an image. Help in figuring … read more »

Would You Take a Stand for Your Values?


Since the 2016 election, I've been vacillating between wanting to put my head down and disappear and wanting to stand up and be seen as someone who believes in inclusiveness and social justice and honesty, kindness and love. One moment, I bury myself deep in a page-turner type novel, hiding from the world. … read more »

If / When-Then: A Tactic to Help You Follow Through

I've just … read more »

My Silent Decry of “Idiot” Chased Her Away From the Table

In the … read more »

Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Joy

If you've … read more »

Should You Be Flattered or Outraged by Unwanted Advances?

The tape … read more »

One Word Makes a World of Difference

When I was … read more »

IMPORTANT! It’s Time to STOP Undermining Hillary Clinton

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Plan Your Life with the Altitude Planning Framework

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Three E-Mail Offerings to Enrich Your Life

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