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Shoplifting, Central Booking and Cookies in the South Bronx


This was quite a week. My friend, Clemetin, was picked up by the police not once, but twice. Why? For shoplifting! Now you might think as I did, "What's that matter with Clemetin that he would shoplift anything even once, let alone twice!" And I'll get to that in a later post. But for now, put that … read more »

Having a Beginner’s Mindset is Good for You


My phone rang. It was my young friend, Jordan. She had just landed an exciting new job in a big, prestigious social justice organization. She was anxious that she didn't know enough about social justice or about how the organization worked, and she wanted my advice about how she should prepare. But … read more »

A Good Reason to Celebrate Endings

Your … read more »

Living Full Whack

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Retribution, Reaction and Response: Tamir Rice Meets Lizard Brain

I read … read more »

Being “Okay” is a Fragile Thread

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Do You Want Your Feedback Straight Up, or With a Bit of Sugar?

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Friends for Life — Your “Through-Line” Friends

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Overcoming Fear: A Personal Letter to Lizard Brain

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My First Adventure with Miracle

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