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Retribution, Reaction and Response: Tamir Rice Meets Lizard Brain

Tamir Rice

I read Seth Godin's blog pretty much every day. Yes, amazingly enough, he posts each and every day. And that, in and of itself, impresses me. Most days, I find it worth reading. Some days it's truly illuminating. Other days it just gives me food for thought. And that's what happened today. In his … read more »

Being “Okay” is a Fragile Thread


Do you have a sense of well-being? Does it seem that everything in your life is going along (mostly) the way you'd like it to? Perhaps you have a calm inside that all is as it should be. Particularly going into the holiday season, that feeling of contentedness is something we all hope for. But this … read more »

Do You Want Your Feedback Straight Up, or With a Bit of Sugar?

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Friends for Life — Your “Through-Line” Friends

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Overcoming Fear: A Personal Letter to Lizard Brain

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My First Adventure with Miracle

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A Dry-Erase Solution to Planning Your Project (or Your Life)

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Trapped in a Crazy Court System

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Ask These Three Questions Every 90 Days

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Why Some Anniversaries are Worth Celebrating

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