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Why You Have No Reason to Fear Poor Neighborhoods

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I live in a poor neighborhood -- though my husband and I live comfortably in a lovely apartment. If you’ve been following the TRY THIS blog for a while, you've already read a few stories that describe this neighborhood. Picture of a Poor Neighborhood There are dozens of big apartment buildings that … read more »

If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…

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Have you ever said something snarky to someone and then immediately regretted it? A Snarky Comment I was talking to someone recently and by mistake I repeated something I had told her the day before. Instead of just letting it go, she said, You're repeating yourself. You already told me that … read more »

Autumn Anxiety: Build a Head of Steam to Get You Going

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Was it Disrespect that Lead to the Death of Michael Brown?

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How to Kick Your Email Addiction Once and For All

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The Meaning of Life: Are You Just Clocking Time?

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Do You Feel Safe Sitting on a Bench Enjoying a Summer Day?

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See Your World With New Eyes

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A Simple Way to Make Your Neighborhood More Friendly

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Become an Art Collector and Create a Lifetime of Memories

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