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See Your World With New Eyes


On Friday, my husband Tyko and I are going on vacation. We've rented a wonderful house in the Berkshires for ten days. We've rented a car. And we've invited a series of friends to join us for a night or two. I'll be bringing my computer and block out two or three hours each day to work. So, what … read more »

A Simple Way to Make Your Neighborhood More Friendly


Recently while walking back from Saint Mary's Park where I exercise in the morning, two women I didn't know were standing on the street corner near my apartment. As I passed them by, I said, "Good morning." They each greeted me in kind. And then one of them said, "This is friendly neighborhood, isn't … read more »

Become an Art Collector and Create a Lifetime of Memories

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The Power and Importance of Being Kind for a Healthy Life

Do You … read more »

Working to Deadlines: How to Build Up a Head of Steam

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The Fragile Fabric of Trust

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What’s Your Impact in the World?

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Get a Response with Curiosity, Persistence and Humor

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Little Suggestions Can Make a Big Difference

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Focus Your Mind and Get Your Work Done!

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