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Five Tricks to Help You Get Stuff 100% Done

Ever been victim of a time suck?

Ever been victim of a time suck? I was cleaning up my desk, going through the overflowing inbox and assorted piles that had grown tall and unruly over a couple of months. My work space had been compromised by unattended to dribs and drabs and it was time do something about it. I sorted the piles on my … read more »

Judicial Wisdom Shines Through Our Imperfect Legal System


If you've been following my blog, you probably have read at least one post about my friend Clemetin. Last week, in a post about the need we all have for unconditional support, I discussed Clemetin's current judicial predicament. And this week, he stood in judgment. Here's the outcome: Clemetin is not in … read more »

The Universal Need for Unconditional Support

Yesterday, … read more »

What Should You Do When You Don’t Feel Heard?

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Let a Breeze Blow Through Your House

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How Big Do You Choose to Be?

It's … read more »

Open Yourself Up to Learning New Ideas – Like Time Quilting

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Shorter, Targeted Presentations = More Impact

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What Does it Mean to Have Limited Opportunities?

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Artificially Prolonging Life: The Gawande Condundrum

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