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Are You a Member of the “Me Generation?”


I have joined the “ME generation.” I know that phrase us generally used to describe so-called Millennials — people now in their 20’s.  Samantha Raphelson, in her piece for the NPR New Boom series, cited them as “self-absorbed, self-centered, selfie-snapping-20-somethings.” Today’s 20-somethings are just … read more »

What’s the Gestation Period for Your Ideas?


Being pregnant isn't limited to one's child bearing years! I woke up this morning in the mood to give birth. Not to a human baby, of course -- those years are long gone -- but to the actualization of an idea I've been stewing about for many months. Last year, I started thinking seriously about … read more »

Do You Set Goals or Feel Your Way Through Life?

I confess, … read more »

Life’s Third Third

I've … read more »

Throwing Spaghetti at the Wall

As you may … read more »

Five Tricks to Help You Get Stuff 100% Done

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Judicial Wisdom Shines Through Our Imperfect Legal System

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The Universal Need for Unconditional Support

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What Should You Do When You Don’t Feel Heard?

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Let a Breeze Blow Through Your House

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