Depleted! Time to Refill

Depleted! Time to refill

I’ve been writing a lot these days.

Every week a post for this blog. Every week a posts for Capital Campaign Masters. The rewrites of the 4th Edition of my big Capital Campaign book.  Not to mention coaching call notes and emails.  And now, I’ve just agreed to write a bi-monthly post for NonProfit PRO.

You might think that’s all good. And it is. Except that my In-Out Balance is out of alignment.

Too much going out and not enough is coming in.

I’ve been feeling depleted — bored with my own thinking — and hungry for new ideas that other people are thinking.

What’s the Cure?

I’m on a rampage to find writers, books, talks, videos to stoke my fires.

I’ve started getting up earlier and spending a good quiet hour sucking ideas and inspiration IN. And even after a couple of days, I’m starting to feel better.

Refueling My Mind

I’m looking for wonderful content that’s not about fundraising. Here are a couple of things already on my list that you might enjoy.

The Principles of Uncertainty

If you’re fond of drawing and thinking that floats free, you might enjoy (as I did) Maira Kalman’s amazing book, The Principles of Uncertainty.

Work Clean

And my wonderful friend and consultant Melea Seward has just sent me to Work Clean, by Dan Charnas. It’s a book on organizing your life, work and mind. And God knows, that’s been on my mind lately.

Start Up

I’ve been thinking about podcasts recently and reached out to a young friend, Molly Galvin, to learn more about her podcast preferences.  She sent me to Start Up, one of the podcasts in the Gimlet Media collection.  The first episode of the first season, How Not to Pitch a Billionaire made me laugh out loud and squirm at the same time.

TryTry ThisThis

Consider How You Refuel When You’re Depleted

What mind-bending exciting ideas have been lighting you up? What have you been reading, watching, imbibing, discussing that’s lit up your mind? What’s gotten you thinking differently? What’s kicked your brain off it’s regular trajectory?

In short, how do you refuel and re-energize?

Please oh please send me your favorites in the comments below. Or, fly over to Facebook and share your suggestions there.