See Your World With New Eyes

On Friday, my husband Tyko and I are going on vacation. We've rented a wonderful house in the Berkshires for ten days. We've rented a car. And we've invited a series of friends to join us for a night or two. I'll be bringing my computer and block out two or three hours each day to work. So, what makes this a vacation? I'll be cooking and working and writing. I'll be doing what I do. My friend Clemetin who, despite his lack of experience with vacations, had exactly … [Read more...]

A Little Bird Told Me…

I'm on vacation in the Berkshires, where my husband and I have rented a beautiful house overlooking the Housatonic River. Two days ago we filled a bird feeder with sunflower seeds, and I settled in and started waiting for the birds to come. Waiting... And waiting. Then, yesterday a little flapper (I'm really not a birder... apologies to those of you who are) made a quick stop at the feeder, grabbed a seed and flew away. Time passed and no more birds –- but, … [Read more...]

Time and Attention: The Greatest Gifts for the One You Love

Are you going on vacation this summer? I’m all for vacations. In fact, I so believe in them that I take one every week. No, I don't go away several days every week; I still need to make a living! But every Friday since the beginning of the year, my husband and I have taken off... together. We’ve rambled around the city (New York City, that is). We’ve gone to museums and movies and art exhibits. We’ve walked here and there. We’ve held hands. We’ve eaten good … [Read more...]