Fighting Procrastination: Walking Through Walls of Resistance

Every time I have a big project to do -- one that take thought and attention and care -- I've got to find a way to walk through a wall. Again and again, I walk right up to the wall of resistance and turn around to do something less stressful. Comfortable Procrastination Rituals I admire people who seem not to be plagued with walls of resistance. People like that (perhaps you are one of those lucky folks) know what they have to do and simply set about doing it. It's that … [Read more...]

Don’t Do it Yourself – Ask for Help

You've probably heard the old saying: Want advice, ask for money. Want money, ask for advice. It's a phrase people often use in the fundraising world. A phrase so simple that it masks the profound power of that sentiment. Think of it this way... If you do everything by yourself, you're effectiveness is limited to your energy and knowledge and understanding and abilities. Don't get me wrong -- you may be tremendously capable and may, on your own, be able to … [Read more...]

Witness Your Cycle of Energy from Inaction to Action

Have you ever watched water boil? I mean, actually standing over the pot and watching. It really does boil, even when you watch it! If you do, here's what you'll see. Water Boiling is Like Your Own Energy First, teeny bubbles form at the bottom of the pot. The surface, though unbroken starts moving. Then, gradually, the bubbles grow and merge and rise, breaking the smooth surface until it's roiling and dancing and cratering. As the water boils, the bubbles break. … [Read more...]

May the New Year Bring You FLOW: Embrace Your Anxiety!

I woke up this morning full of dread. Or, more precisely, I was full of anxiety, which feels a bit like dread. The New Year has begun. The vacation days are over and the list of things to be done feels mountainous. Anxiety Stems from the Unknown Some of the items on that list are simple and I know how to do them. Some of them are big and complicated and I’m not sure how to do them or if they will succeed. Those are the projects that make me anxious. You probably … [Read more...]

Are You in Charge of Your Life?

It's one thing to ask "who's in charge?" when you think about a company or a department or an organization. It's quite another question when you think about your life. Who's in Charge? When you wake up in the morning, who decides what you are going to do that day? Who decides what attitude you will bring to your work? Who decides if what you are doing is work or play? Do you get to decide? If so, how can you make the decisions that will serve you best? You … [Read more...]

Depleted! Time to Refill

I've been writing a lot these days. Every week a post for this blog. Every week a posts for Capital Campaign Masters. The rewrites of the 4th Edition of my big Capital Campaign book.  Not to mention coaching call notes and emails.  And now, I've just agreed to write a bi-monthly post for NonProfit PRO. You might think that's all good. And it is. Except that my In-Out Balance is out of alignment. Too much going out and not enough is coming in. I've been feeling … [Read more...]

Get Help, Organize, and Feel Unburdened

Paralyzed by Disorganization? Have you ever felt stuck because you are so disorganized? Rather than filing papers, do you put them in a pile on the corner of  your desk? Do you dread the mess you will encounter when you open your your file drawers? Do you look at your computer desktop and shudder? Do you spend just about as much time looking for files as you do actually getting work done? If you shuddered knowingly as you read those questions, then read … [Read more...]

Stand Up Straight, Improve Your Focus

I like walking and, as you may know, most mornings I go to Saint Mary's Park here in the South Bronx for my walk. Sometimes I jog when I get there. Sometimes I even run. Full out run! But today I walked around the track for two miles trying my best to concentrate on standing up straight and in balance and alignment. When you find that perfect alignment, your body flows from one step to the next with a minimum of strain. It feels like you could walk a hundred miles … [Read more...]

6 Simple Ways to Get into a Flow State

Every so often things that felt confusing and challenging and hard start to flow. Rather than fighting to make things come to fruition, they just do. Rather than feeling stuck, you have a sense of where you are going, why you want to get there and where you need to focus your energies to make them happen. The Magic of Getting into the Flow State When you're in a flow period, excitement and anxiety come together to create energy. And at least for a while, what seemed … [Read more...]

Take a Giant Leap Forward with 1% Steps

I just read a fascinating blog post by the neuromarketer Roger Dooley (yes, I know, it's scary that such people exist) in which he suggests that a marketer can improve results quite radically over a fairly short time by finding little ways to improve results very day. Specifically, Roger cites research that says that 1% improvements day after day can make a 100% improvement in just 43 days. Well, that certainly caught my attention. I'm tired of setting big, hopeful … [Read more...]