The Perfect Holiday Gift to End the Year

The Perfect Holiday Gift to End the YearThis week, I’ve gotten flowers and candy and peanuts from people who want to thank me for something I’ve done for them.

These gifts are fine. I do appreciate them.  And I’m happy to be on people’s gift lists. But honestly, I’d rather they just called or left a message or texted me.

I try not to eat candy or peanuts. I actively dislike most of the cheap, yellow cheeses and pepperoni that arrive in fancy gift baskets. I’m offended by the huge amount of packaging that makes fancy gift baskets look so big.

And it doesn’t make my heart glad to think that someone’s office assistant has me on the list of people to order a gift for.

For me, these gifts, however well-intentioned, just don’t hit home.

A Perfect Gift That Costs Nothing

Here’s the kind of thing that would hit home for me.

A simple phone call. Or better yet, a voice message from the person letting me know that I had somehow made a difference in their lives over the past year.

It might say something this:

I’ve been making a little list of the people who have made a difference in my life this year, and you are high up on it. Thank you for inspiring me and giving me confidence. I so appreciate you and all you do. I just want you know what a difference you make.

That’s it. No money spent, no packaging, no UPS, no wondering if a gift will get there in time.

Just a real, honest message to let me know I matter.

I Appreciate You

You have mattered to me this year.

I am touched that you read what I write. I’m made more thoughtful by your comments on Facebook or on this website. I’m awed by the fact that I can write what I’m thinking about and that you sometimes find that it touches your heart or mind.

Thank you for letting me into your life with an idea that may resonate.

Taking a Break

I am taking next week off and will start writing again in the new year. I hope you have a wonderful holiday, filled with love and appreciation.

TryTry ThisThis

Leave a Message

Make a list of the ten people who have made a difference in your life this year. Write down the ways in which they have mattered to you. Then call them and leave a message (or tell them directly), letting them know how much they’ve made a difference in your life. Nothing is better ‘thanks’ than that!

Share some of the ways people have mattered to you in the comments below. Or, go with an open heart over to Facebook share them there.