May the New Year Bring You FLOW: Embrace Your Anxiety!

Feel the FLOW: Embrace Your Anxiety!

I woke up this morning full of dread. Or, more precisely, I was full of anxiety, which feels a bit like dread.

The New Year has begun. The vacation days are over and the list of things to be done feels mountainous.

Anxiety Stems from the Unknown

Some of the items on that list are simple and I know how to do them. Some of them are big and complicated and I’m not sure how to do them or if they will succeed. Those are the projects that make me anxious.

You probably have the same mix of items on your to do list for 2017. Little things that are easily accomplished and projects that stretch into new territory.

Accomplishing the little tasks is easy. You can knock them out, one after another, and cross them off your list.

But the big ones that push you in new directions… they are not so easily accomplished.

Embrace the State of Uncertainty

The complex projects where you’re not sure of what you’re doing force you to stay in a state of uncertainty for longer than is comfortable. They push you to try this and then try that. They make you forge ahead even when you aren’t sure the direction you’ve chosen is the one that will get you where you want to be. And it’s easy to get stuck in the anxiety of not knowing what to do.

But today, I decided that in this New Year, I’m going to translate that feeling of anxiety and dread into excitement.

Rather than focusing on what might go wrong, I’ve decided to relish the process of figuring it all out.

I am committed to experiencing my racing heart as anticipation and positive energy. I’m determined to keep my eye on the long goal that will pull me through the missteps here and there with humor and appreciation for what I’ve learned when it’s gone wrong.

Let Your Energy Flow

The mind is a powerful tool. In the blink of an eye your mind can shift from no to yes, from fear to excitement, from I can’t to I can.

If you let it, your mind will shape your attitude, which in turn will shape the way you experience even the big, complicated and challenging tasks on your list of things to do.

I wish you a remarkable, exciting and gratifying year.

May your mind translate dread into excitement, and reshape the anxiety of not knowing into a sense of adventure.

With that new sense of excitement and adventure, your energy will flow.

TryTry ThisThis

Translate Your Anxiety into Excitement

What on your list for 2017 is making you anxious? Take a few minutes and write yourself a note about why they make you anxious and what about them excites you. Try to make the excited list longer than the reasons you are anxious. As you do that, watch your attitude and energy shift from negative to positive. And take a minute to appreciate the remarkable power of your mind to shift your attitude.

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