Living Full Whack

Live life Full WhackDo you measure things precisely or are you a pinch-of-this and a drop-of-that kind of person?

I think that people generally fall into one or the other of those types. Either you attend to details with great care or you don’t really fret about the details. I’ve found that it’s not so easy to switch.

Being a pinch-of-this and a drop-of-that kind of person, I was tickled this morning to run across a recipe from the remarkable chef Jamie Oliver who, rather than telling you to set the oven to 450 degrees, says to “turn your oven on to full whack.”

And that, I believe, is wonderful advice. Not just for baking a salmon, though I do highly recommend his recipe, but for how to live the next year.

I’d like to live Full Whack.

Not worrying about whether it’s perfect or not.

Not fretting over whether the details are right.

Not being concerned about whether or not anyone likes what I do.

Just living life full of energy and generosity and joy.

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Life Your Life Full Whack

Make a resolution to live your life Full Whack — whether that means diving into the details with joy and glee. Or whether your Full Whack is unleashing your energy for big gestures. See if you can take who you are to the max!

I send you my best wishes for living Full Whack in the New Year — Enjoy!