A Cry for Help – How Do You Manage Overwhelm?

Puzzle BallI thought that if I got clearer and more disciplined about my goals, my life would get simpler.

But no…

That just opened another door on greater complexity. And once again, I feel like I’m drowning. Ideas get lost. Balls get dropped. And myriad little things gobble the time I should be spending on big projects.

Is it Just Me?

Or is it the times in which we live, where emails and obligations and people stream into your brain and calendar like a fire hose rather than a trickle.

Yesterday, my in-box had over 4,000 emails.

By itself, that may not be a problem. But when it makes me worry that somewhere in that stack are things I needed to attend to but forgot, that’s not good.

Combine the accelerated speed of connecting with my belief that life is more fun if you say Yes unless you have a good reason to say No, and it leads to stress and overwhelm.

Beyond My Bandwidth

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fast pace and sense of creativity. I’m excited by the way the world works now. But my brain can no longer keep it all straight. I’m dropping too many balls and not doing a good enough job of the balls I am juggling.

It’s time to find a better system than just relying on my brain. My activities and opportunities have outstripped my mental bandwidth.

I’d Like Your Help

How do you keep your life sorted out? Do you set goals for yourself every year? How do you manage your in-box? And how do you keep the stress of a busy, demanding life at bay?

What are the tricks or apps or practices that keep you functioning well?

I’ve started to read David Allen’s classic, Getting Things Done. I’m looking for the best systems that will help get me organized seamlessly, so I can work with a minimum of stress, headache and distraction.

I need a system that I can rely on that will give me a simple, focused to-do list of the priority items.

Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

I’ve had it with that sense of overwhelm. If I want to continue at this pace, it’s time get organized.

Do you know that feeling? And if so, what are you doing about it?

TryTry ThisThis

Think about how you stay organized

I know I’m not alone in the sense of overwhelm. And I’m sure that even without complicated systems, you have your ways of making your life manageable. Notice the coping skills you use to be productive. What tools do you use to keep your tasks organized and prioritized? How can your system be improved?

Please oh please do share your tricks and tips and suggestions in the comments. I so need them!