Yes You Can! Learning to Say “Wow!” instead of “Whoa”

9a6fbee6df00cf7fd868c1096ec0fa59Do your inner voices ever hold you back?

Imagine this:

A new potential client just called to ask you to submit a proposal for a big job. Great possibilities here. You’re the perfect person for the task! You’re excited.

But then in an eye blink, your “Whoa” voice takes over.


Whoa. What makes you think you’re qualified to do that?

Even though you have a lot of related experience, you’ve never done exactly that before. In fact, pretty much everything you’ve ever done has had its problems. No way you’re qualified for this job.

But your mind doesn’t stop there. It continues…

Whoa. They won’t even consider you and, if truth be told, they shouldn’t.

Whoa. They’ll see through you and realize that you’re just pretending.

Whoa. You’re too old, too scattered, too dumb…

I know that “Whoa” voice well. It’s worn a rut in my brain.

But there *IS* a solution.

Changing the Message from “Whoa” to “Wow!”

I’ve figured out that I can simply change my message from “Whoa” to “Wow!” From “No” to “Yes.” From “Why I can’t” to “How I can.”

And if you’re stuck in the “Whoa” rut, you can change the conversation in your head too.

Does it matter that you haven’t done something before?

Nope. Everything is figureoutable. (With thanks to Marie Forleo.)

Does it matter that you might not get it right the first time?

Nope. The first time is only important because it gets you going — not because you’ll get it right.

Does it matter that you might crash and burn?

Nope. You’ll learn more from that experience than you ever imagined. And then, you’ll surprise yourself and figure it out.

Does it matter that you’re too young or too old or too scattered or too whatever?

Nope. You are a bundle of potential. All you’ve got to do is dive in and use what you have.

Start Saying “Wow” to Possibilities

The “Whoa” voice stops you dead in your tracks.

The “Wow!” voice moves you forward. And once you’re in motion, more and more opportunities will come your way.

Wow! You can do it.

Wow! If you don’t know how, you can figure it out.

Wow! If you can’t figure it out, you can get someone to help you who does.”

Wow! It’s more fun to learn something new than it is to do the same old safe thing again and again.

Live the “Wow!” Let yourself be pulled forward by the excitement of opportunities. Let it drown out the “Whoa” once and for all.

(If you aren’t familiar with Maria Forleo whose video with Guy Vaynerchuk inspired this rant, do check her out.)

Wow! I feel better already. 🙂

TryTry ThisThis

Practice Saying “Wow!” Instead of Saying “Whoa”

If you are self-aware, you know the sound of your “Whoa” voice. The next time you hear that “Whoa” in you mind, don’t even listen to it. Instead, respond by telling yourself that you can figure out. When you adopt the “Everything is figureoutable” mindset, your fears will ease.

In the end, you don’t need to know how to do something or be the best or the most or the greatest at what you do. You just need a strong commitment to figuring it out.

What challenge have you attempted that seemed impossible at the start? Share your stories in the comments.