Why Some Anniversaries are Worth Celebrating

Celebrating 100!I’ve always poo-pooed birthdays.

The years roll by.

Numbers grow year by year.

So what!

In truth, you’ve done little (or nothing) to earn your good fortune of having lived through another year.

So in my family, most birthdays’ pass by with little notice.

But some anniversaries are worth celebrating.


Because you’ve worked to get there.

You’ve mustered the discipline and stamina to do something again and again. And occasionally, it’s worth taking time to celebrate your accomplishment.

My 100th Anniversary

This is the 100th post on the TRY THIS Blog. And I’m celebrating by looking back and looking forward.

I’ve made a list of 5 posts that I think are worth rereading. Some of are just my personal favorites. Others seem to have struck a chord with lots of people.

Looking Back…

Take a look back with me. Perhaps one or another of them will speak to you.

Looking Forward…

I believe that big anniversaries are not only a chance to look back, but also a chance to decide whether or not you want to continue.

Every year, when my husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary, we discuss whether we’ll sign on for another year. We do it with a smile because after so many years, it’s unlikely that we’d decide to call it quits. But every year we do give ourselves permission not to continue.

In similar vein, I had that conversation with myself today about the TRY THIS Blog. And I’ve decided to continue on for at least another 50 posts. After that, I’ll reconsider once again.

It Takes a Community

But anniversaries are not just about the celebrator. They are also about the community of people who have encouraged you to continue and get the work done.

Thank you, my readers, for reading these posts. When I see that most every day 40 or 50 people read this blog, it makes my heart happy.

Thank you for sending me emails and commenting and liking and tweeting about one post or another.

Thank you to my family and to Clemetin and to my friends in St. Mary’s Park, who give me so much inspiration for many blog posts.

And a big thank you to Brian Brolin who reads every post and makes it better!

TryTry ThisThis

Celebrate an Anniversary that’s Worthy of Celebration

What anniversaries do you have that are worthy of celebrating? Take the time to look back over what you’ve accomplished. Then consider whether it makes sense for you to make a firm commitment to continue.

How do you celebrate anniversaries? Please share your stories in the comments below.