What to Do When Opportunity Knocks

opportunityknocksSometimes a big opportunity comes your way that you weren’t expecting.

It’s often hard to know what to do.

Big Opportunities Have a Price

A new, big opportunity is likely to disrupt your life. And because it’s new and untested, you’re asked to make space in your life, sometimes lots of space, for something that’s uncertain.

Opportunity is knocking on my door right now.

A big opportunity has just knocked on my door and I’m not sure what to do.

A large, well-known crowdfunding platform for artists has asked me to be their “fundraising guru.”

They’d like me to write a blog about fundraising and create some fundraising advice videos. There might be a regular advice column for the faint of (fundraising) heart… a sort of a Dear Andrea column. And perhaps I’d even develop a webinar series “Fundaising for Artists.”

What’s the return?

Lots of visibility. Connections to artists. Perhaps a new fundraising coaching practice. Engagement with young people in what’s current today.

What’s the price?

The lovely sense of time and space that shapes my life now. Pressure and scramble to get it all done.

Nothing comes without a price.

Nothing, no matter how exciting and appealing, is without it’s price. The question is how to evaluate the opportunities when they come knocking.

Perhaps I’ll take some of my own advice.

I’ll start with YES and then think about why not. Then I’ll sleep on it and perhaps after that, I’ll toss a coin.

TryTry ThisThis

Figure Out What You Would Do

If you had a big opportunity knock on your door, how would you make a decision? Would you talk with people? Would you make pro and con lists? Would you simply go with your intuitions?

Every opportunity has a price. The question is, how do you evaluate the pros and cons so that you make a decision you are likely to be satisfied with?

Once you know your own decision making process, you’ll be better equipped and less stressed when the next big opportunity knocks on your door.

How would you handle the decision I’m facing right now? Tell me in the comments or contact me to share your thoughts. And stay tuned next week for more about what I decide and how I decided!