The Quest for Clarity

The Quest for Clarity

Have you ever noticed how unbelievably difficult it is to do things well? To get something right from top to bottom?

Not only do you need the high-level organization, but you must also struggle to get each of the little, niggling details just right.

Achieving Simplicity is Anything But Simple

The next time you see something that looks effortless and simple, stop to think about what it took to achieve that clarity and ease.

I promise you, it didn’t start out with that perfect clarity.

It’s much more likely that it started with a simple idea that then became more complex and super messy, and only with a huge and concerted effort did it get back to simple again.

Do you have the grit and determination and will to survive the long messy process of creating just about anything?

Can you stick with a project long enough to make it crystal clear and simple for the consumers?

If so, you have my hearty respect.

Slogging Through the Messy Stages

You might correctly imagine that I’m in the messy stage of trying to make a big project look, feel and actually be simple for the user. It’s a tough slog. And I’m frustrated and hard-pressed to stick with it long enough to get to simple and clean and PERFECT.

Okay, let’s drop the PERFECT part. I continue to think that perfection is overrated. But please oh please help me get to at least simple and clean!

What are your strategies for sticking with something through the mess to get to simple and clean?

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How Do You Get Through the Messy?

Do you have strategies for finding the grit to stick with things when they feel muddy or complicated or messy? Make a list of what you do to get yourself to keep going when it’s a big, muddy slog.

Please share them with me in comments below, or hop on over to Facebook and offer your suggestions. I can use the help!