When Opportunity Strikes, Check Your Internal Compass

Making decisions often begin with a YES or a NO. But that's usually just the start of a more complicated process. For many people, the big questions are decided by instinct. You find the answers not with thorough research, but rather by testing the decision against an inner emotional or intuitive response. And that's what I did with an opportunity that came my way. To try to get a sense of whether I wanted to be the "fundraising guru" for an artists' crowdfunding … [Read more...]

What to Do When Opportunity Knocks

Sometimes a big opportunity comes your way that you weren't expecting. It's often hard to know what to do. Big Opportunities Have a Price A new, big opportunity is likely to disrupt your life. And because it's new and untested, you're asked to make space in your life, sometimes lots of space, for something that's uncertain. Opportunity is knocking on my door right now. A big opportunity has just knocked on my door and I'm not sure what to do. A large, well-known … [Read more...]