Using Constructive Conversation to Push Past Anger

Anger takes too much energy to sustain for very long. And once it fades, it's time to put the pieces of your relationship back together again. If you sit with your anger for a few hours or days, it'll lose it's hold on you. That sharp, insistent sense of having been disrespected or betrayed gradually fades. After a few days, you might even forget who did what to whom and what was so hurtful. What Role Did You Play in the Dispute? Though you may still sense that you were … [Read more...]

Collaborating Effectively: 3 Tips for Extroverts

The real sign that you're an extrovert is not that you are super gregarious, but rather that you get your energy from interactions with other people. Introvert or Extrovert? If you're an extrovert, rather than sitting alone and thinking until the ideas become clear, you'll prefer thinking out loud. And only after you’ve voiced your thoughts and gotten feedback from other people will you know what you really think. That’s why extroverts like to work with other people. … [Read more...]