Living Full Whack

Do you measure things precisely or are you a pinch-of-this and a drop-of-that kind of person? I think that people generally fall into one or the other of those types. Either you attend to details with great care or you don't really fret about the details. I've found that it's not so easy to switch. Being a pinch-of-this and a drop-of-that kind of person, I was tickled this morning to run across a recipe from the remarkable chef Jamie Oliver who, rather than telling you … [Read more...]

Dance In the New Year

My friend M was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. Among the many messages she received, one really stood out. You Will Dance Again. To dance is to give and take. To dance is to call and respond. To dance is to ebb and flow. To dance is to lead and to follow To dance is to be full of the life energy that makes you one with the world. My friend M. has already started dancing again. I hope you will dance your way into and through the New … [Read more...]