Weird Money Stories and My Quest to Improve

Most of us have weird money stories and sometimes they really don't make much sense. So what's my weird money story? My Weird Money Story I often worry more about little expenditures than big ones. I fret about buying a Kindle book for $9 more than I do about a trip to Cuba for $3,000! (Yes, we are going to Cuba over Christmas.) These strange, counter-intuitive ways with money are quite common. I see them in my friends. Some of my friends are so poor that they … [Read more...]

Setting Clear and Specific Goals to Get You Where You Want to Go

Do you love simple tips that promise to make you more effective? If you're like me, there’s something about bite-sized advice, written in short, compelling words that makes you think it'll help you make your life better. A Powerful Tip to Create a Better Life So here’s the latest bite-sized tip that caught my attention. These from author and psychologist Dr. Ned Hallowell. Set clear and specific goals. Dr. Hallowell suggests setting four sets of THREE clear and … [Read more...]

Yes You Can! Learning to Say “Wow!” instead of “Whoa”

Do your inner voices ever hold you back? Imagine this: A new potential client just called to ask you to submit a proposal for a big job. Great possibilities here. You're the perfect person for the task! You're excited. But then in an eye blink, your "Whoa" voice takes over. Whoa. Whoa. What makes you think you’re qualified to do that? Even though you have a lot of related experience, you’ve never done exactly that before. In fact, pretty much everything you’ve … [Read more...]