A Good Reason to Celebrate Endings

Your memory of an event is shaped disproportionately by the most intense part of the experience and it's ending rather than the entire duration of the experience. That reality of how we remember experiences has been so well researched and documented that it even has a name! It's known as the Peak End Rule. Here's an example from Atul Gawande's remarkable book, Being Mortal... Have you ever watched a football game in which your team played wonderfully, but at very end … [Read more...]

Feeling Blue? Just Don a Red Foam Nose

You've probably seen a circus clown with a face painted white, exaggerated red lips and a big red nose. But have you ever thought about being a clown yourself? Frolic Your Way to Feeling Great My friend Lynn Levity (pictured above) is a clown. She frolics with friendly people in New York City's Central Park. She does it by donning her red nose -- a widely accepted symbol of fun -- in public and engaging with others. Why does Lynn clown? Lynn's not … [Read more...]

If Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness, What Does?

Do you think that having lots of money leads to happiness? Think again! Study after study shows that more money’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Once our finances cover the basics, our happiness doesn't increase with our income. What Does Buy Happiness? According to Michael Norton in his TED talk, How Can I Buy Happiness?, your happiness is linked not to how much money you have, but rather how you choose to spend it. Simply put, when you spend money on someone … [Read more...]