Stuck in the Fog of Indecision: 2 Strategies for Getting Going Again

couch-potatoI didn’t write a blog post last night! I simply couldn’t decide what subject to write about.

In fact, I couldn’t decide much of anything and sat in a dull trance watching Olympic athletes ski down big hills.

I was a couch potato because I couldn’t make up my mind. Even worse than that, I couldn’t even shape clear alternatives.

I was in a fog of indecision, and I don’t like that feeling!

(Who does?)

Does Indecision Paralyze You Sometimes?

What do you do when your inability to decide gets you caught in a fog? I’ve got two strategies.

1. Wait it out.

The first strategy is to simply wait. I know from past experience that I can just wait it out. At some point the fog will lift and I’ll be firing on all (or at least most) of my cylinders again.

Sometimes the fog lasts a few hours. Occasionally it lasts a few days. But if I give into it and simply notice what’s going on inside my head, that feeling of being stuck in indecision and inaction will lift.

2. Talk to people.

The second strategy is to engage with people. As an extrovert, talking to people and interacting triggers something in my brain that lifts the fog.

That might not happen for you, though. Some people I know shrink from contact when they’re foggy. They’ve got to stimulate their own internal motivation before they can interact with others.

Some Fatherly Advice to Fight Inertia

Finally, though, when I’m feeling really stuck, I try to remember what my wise father used to say.

Unless you have a good reason NOT to do something, you should do it.

And when I’m in a fog of inertia, that’s excellent advice. Even if I’m not sure what to do, once I start moving, the inertia will lift and I’ll be headed in a better direction.

TryTry ThisThis

When You’re Stuck in a Fog of Inertia, Be Still

The next time you find yourself in a fog of indecision, just be still. Notice what’s going on in your mind. Watch its ebbs and flows. See if you can identify the moment the fog starts to lift and what’s triggered the change.

Each of us handles the fog of indecision differently. Understanding what works for you may help you shorten your next miasma.

How do you get yourself out of an indecisive funk? What’s worked and what hasn’t? Tell me about it in the comments.