IMPORTANT! It’s Time to STOP Undermining Hillary Clinton

IMPORTANT & URGENT: It's Time to STOP Undermining Hillary Clinton

I’m scared.

I’m truly scared that Donald Trump might become the next president of our country.

I’ve been listening to what people are saying, and I find that even my liberal friends and associates have been brainwashed to undermine Hillary Clinton. They criticize her even though they plan to vote for her.

The Time is Now

It’s time that those of us who believe in experience and commitment and passion for a country that celebrates inclusion gather ourselves together and recognize that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate for president that any political party has ever put forward.

It’s high time we realize the gift Hillary is giving us…

She doesn’t wither under attack the way I or perhaps you would. She fights back. She keeps a level head. She does her homework. She keeps right on going. She’s courageous and steadfast. And she’s passionate about the values I support.

I believe that she’d make a great president.

Hillary Clinton needs us now. But more than that, WE NEED HER!

Any lesser person than Hillary Clinton would have folded long ago. In fact, any lesser person wouldn’t have been willing to run for president in the first place. She knew what she was getting herself into … and she did it anyway. That takes true grit and courage.

Thank you Hillary! I’m 100% behind you!

I plan to do everything I can to get you elected. And my vote won’t be a vote against Trump, though I’m convinced that if he wins, our country will be irredeemably altered for the worse.

My vote will be cast for you because I know you are a strong, smart, experienced politician who has a big heart and huge courage. You’re a powerful intellect and a savvy politician. I will be proud to have you lead my country, building on the amazing work of Barack Obama!

Stop Nit-Picking: Stand Up for Hillary

And now, I implore you to stop complaining about Hillary.

Stop grousing about her hair or her sticking with Bill when he cheated on her. Stop groaning that she didn’t want to let on that she was sick last week. Stop condemning her for smiling or not smiling. For not being charming enough or being too charming. Stop condemning her for changing her positions on things over a long political career (I’d be concerned if she hadn’t!).

Hillary is giving this campaign everything she has. She’s wants to make sure that this country stays great and gets even greater. If she’s not elected, the consequences will be dire. And it’ll be our fault for not getting fully on board.

Don’t let yourself be duped by the Trump media circus.  That’s what he’s counting on.

If you need more reasons to support Hillary, take the time to read this! It’ll set you straight.

TryTry ThisThis

Tell three of your friends why you are voting for Hillary

Sometimes it takes a while to let your reservations go and get fully behind something. And it’s time to get fully behind Hillary. Think of a few things she stands for that you admire. Perhaps you’ll include hard work, commitment, experience, discipline, thoughtfulness, a history of public service. I’m sure you can come up with a good list.

Start to let people know WHY she has your support. Don’t worry about the things you don’t care for. (You’ll never find a candidate without something you don’t like.)

Share your reasons for supporting Hillary in the comment box below. Or, have the courage to take a more public stand on Facebook and share your support for Hillary there.