What Happens When You Reach a Milestone or Benchmark?

What Do You Do When You Reach a Milestone or Benchmark?

Do you set benchmarks to track your progress?  If so, what do you do when you reach one?

  • Do you celebrate?
  • Do you pat yourself on the back?
  • Do you take some time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished?
  • Or do you just reach ahead and set another goal?

I’ve Reached a Benchmark

This is the 200th TRY THIS post!

I began writing it in June of 2013.  Since then, 64,681 people have viewed the blog and joined me in learning little life lessons from the South Bronx.

I’ve done nothing to promote it. Though people have added their names to the mailing list on the site, I’ve never sent an email — not even one — to that list.

I just keep writing. Not because I’ve been trying to attract a following.  But because the process of writing makes me more aware.

Knowing that I will sit down on Sunday or Monday to write a short piece, helps me pay closer attention to the simple things that happen that might otherwise go unexplored. I look for hooks that might lead me to something interesting to write about.

Some weeks, writing a TRY THIS post feels like an opportunity. An idea is just waiting to bubble out. Other weeks, it’s a burden.

But easy or hard, with every post, I think a little more deeply about something specific and I try to broaden my experience in the hopes that it might offer a little idea that you might apply to your life.

Time for Reflection

Seeing this 200th benchmark approaching, I’ve been trying to decide what to do with this blog.

Do I just continue on in my rather random undisciplined way, writing about whatever bubbles up in my life?  Or, is it time to create a more targeted approach to my writing. Should I write with a purpose?  Or, should I just stop and put my time and energy elsewhere.

Though I’ve been thinking about it for the last week in hopes I could share my plans with you, I have not yet had that lovely flash of clarity.

So, I’ve decided to take the month of March off. No new posts for a month.

I’ll pay close attention to whether I miss it or not. I’ll think about what might be next. The first week of April, I’ll let you know what I’ve decided.

Thank You

Thank you for reading this blog. The fact that you are here keeps me from being alone. Your likes and comments and messages on Facebook give me a lovely little spark.

And a special thanks to Brian Brolin, my magical person behind the scenes. He has read a draft of all 200 posts. He edits the posts for clarity and formats them on the site so they are easy to read and look good. And he often adds the wonderful images at the top of the posts, too.

So with that, I am on hiatus. I will return in a month to let you know what comes next.

TryTry ThisThis

Take Some Time to Reflect

The next time you reach an important milestone or benchmark in your life, take a little time to look back and to plan ahead. This time can help you figure out why you do what you do and whether it’s worthwhile to stay the course or begin moving in a new direction.

  • Kathleen

    Hope you enjoy your hiatus and that you come back! Thanks so much for sending the RESIST buttons too. I’ve got mine proudly displayed on my purse and my 9-year old has one on his backpack. I’ll be handing out the rest this week.

    • Andrea Kihlstedt

      Thanks Kathleen. It’s been fun and interesting to simply stop and see what happens. I’m getting closer to figuring out what happens next. Thanks too for distributing the buttons. I believe it matters that we keep ourselves visible with our resistance.