What’s the Gestation Period for Your Ideas?

Being pregnant isn't limited to one's child bearing years! I woke up this morning in the mood to give birth. Not to a human baby, of course -- those years are long gone -- but to the actualization of an idea I've been stewing about for many months. Last year, I started thinking seriously about creating online courses about capital campaign fundraising. If I am an expert anything, that's it. I've written books on capital campaign fundraising. I've lectured and given … [Read more...]

Do You Set Goals or Feel Your Way Through Life?

I confess, the question of setting goals has long puzzled me. How can you set goals if you're not sure where you're going? And how in heaven's name can you really know where you want to go? As you may guess, I'm not a goal setter -- mostly, that is. I confess that recently I did set myself a goal of losing 10 pounds. (Yes, I succeeded. :)) But that short-term simple goal stuff is not what I'm thinking about. I'm thinking about setting bigger goals in life and then … [Read more...]

Are You Afraid to Open the Doors of Possibility? Fear Not!

It's such fun to think about possibilities. You might do this or you might do that. Sometimes the opportunities seem endless and exciting. Many doors with well-oiled hinges are within your reach. All you have to do is to gently push on them and they open so you can get a glimpse of what's behind them. I think of these doors as the doors of possibility. A Doorway to Success... or Failure? When you select one door, push it open and stand at the edge looking through … [Read more...]

Handling Overwhelm, Staying Productive and Asking for Help

Clearly, I'm not alone in feeling overwhelmed. After my last post -- a cry for help in managing overwhelm -- many people got in touch with me. Through email, phone calls, Facebook and comments at the end of the post, I heard from many of you.  And I'm excited to share the things that have already made a big difference. Sanebox: A System for E-Sanity Melea Seward's suggestion of sanebox.com wins the prize! Sanebox is a remarkable app that looks at the patterns of your … [Read more...]

A Cry for Help – How Do You Manage Overwhelm?

I thought that if I got clearer and more disciplined about my goals, my life would get simpler. But no... That just opened another door on greater complexity. And once again, I feel like I'm drowning. Ideas get lost. Balls get dropped. And myriad little things gobble the time I should be spending on big projects. Is it Just Me? Or is it the times in which we live, where emails and obligations and people stream into your brain and calendar like a fire hose rather than … [Read more...]

A Dry-Erase Solution to Planning Your Project (or Your Life)

My colleague Gail Perry and I have embarked on a new project. We’re developing a five-part online course to help organizations get ready for their capital campaigns. It’s fits on top of our already existing coaching program and our complicated lives. Don’t worry -- our course is not the topic of this blog post.  But handling the complexity of what it will take to make it happen IS. A Recipe for Success... (or Stress?) Here are some of the ingredients. Two busy … [Read more...]