How to Handle Anger: Let Your Curiosity Lead the Way

Ever been so annoyed with someone that you know you’ll say things you regret if you’re not careful? You feel that chest full of irritation. Your throat is tight and you are having a hard time breathing? It feels awful. How to Handle Anger What can you do? Yell? Rant? Curse? (Cursing’s always a good one for me ‘cause it gets me laughing inside.) But in fact none of those responses are particularly helpful. They just doesn’t lead to constructive steps … [Read more...]

My Friendship with a Felon

Meet Clemetin, my most unlikely friend. Nearly five years ago, I met Clemetin at St Mary's Park in the South Bronx where I exercise most mornings. I had no idea that he had spent most of his nearly 45 years in prison. Gradually, while we walked around the track at the park together morning after morning, I learned his story. But by the time I had learned enough about him to warn me away, we had become friends. Clemetin's story is both sad and uplifting. His life … [Read more...]