One Good Deed Inspires Another

This morning I picked up the trash at St. Mary’s Park, as I often do.

One Good Deed…

I bring some latex gloves with me when I go out the morning and spend the first 15 or 20 minutes of my time at the park walking around the track, looking from side to side for candy wrappers and fast-food packaging and bottles and bottle caps and plastic bags and all sorts of other litter. Piece by piece, I pick it up, put it in a plastic bag and into the often overflowing trash barrels.

From an exercise standpoint, it limbers my back and strengthens my legs. From a psychological standpoint, it makes me feel better to walk in a park that is at least relatively clean.

And every once in a while, like this morning, something unexpected happens that makes my day.

Inspiring Another

This morning as I was finishing my pick-up work, I noticed Carlos, a man I often see at the park.

Carlos was off to the side, pulling up some big weeds. He shook the dirt of their roots, gathered a cluster of them together and tied them up with another long stalk. And then, to my amazement and delight, he walked back to the track and using the weeds as a broom, he proceeded to sweep off the wood chips and other debris that had been washed onto the track from the night’s rain.

By the time we were both finished, not only was the park mostly litter free, but thanks to Carlos, the track was freshly swept.

Did Carlos sweep the track because of me? I honestly don’t know. But I do know that when we were both finished, we high-fived each other. Then we set about our days with a smile, a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of good will.

TryTry ThisThis

Be Inspired by Other People’s Behavior

Keep your eyes open this week for something you might help with. Watch for opportunities to join someone else in making a difference. It might be as small as picking up litter or as bold as offering to help someone carry their groceries.

These small acts may inspire others. When there are enough of them, they can make a bigger difference than you’d think.

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  • This POST is so inspiring, and so needed in the world right now. Thank you!