Life’s Third Third


I’ve reached a milestone. Today is my seventieth birthday. I’m in the midst of what some people have called the “third third” of life.

For me, this third third is the very best!

The stresses and strains of growing up are over. The challenges of building lasting relationships have eased. The anxiety and responsibilities that come with raising children have receded. And, most wonderfully, the need to prove yourself mostly evaporates.

In this third third, it’s easier to be kind. I have always wished myself to be kinder, and while I don’t always succeed, being kind feels more natural now.

As you get older, you may find that you’re more willing to make mistakes. I’ve always known that perfection wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. But just recently, I’ve gotten even more comfortable with screwing up. So I take bigger risks.

In this third third, you’ll have friends who have known you through all of the decades — your through-line friends. But you will also have new, younger friends. Business friends and social friends and neighbor friends of every decade will populate your life.

If you have children, you’ll get to enjoy watching them raise their children, forging lives in their own way.

And if you are very fortunate, you will have a life-partner with whom you still have some years left.

Yes, the third third is good.

There’s still gas in your tank. Your foot is still on the pedal. But you have the comfort and confidence and support to drive the aging car where ever it is you really want it to go.

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Consider the Benefits of Your Third

Which third of life are you in? What are it’s benefits?

Sit down and write out a list. You may find, as I have, that taking an inventory helps you realize the wonders of where you are in life. Then, when you wake up on your next decade birthday, you’ll celebrate with abandon.

Please share with me the pleasures of where you are in your life span.