Leftovers or The Beginning of Something New

turkey-sandwichThe day after Thanksgiving you probably have a refrigerator full of leftovers.

But are they leftovers that must be tossed out when they finally go bad?

Or are they the beginning of something new and richer and deeper?

The Soup of Life

I’ve long been a fan of leftovers.

In fact, in my opinion, few things are better than the soup that grows out of the remains of Thanksgiving dinner. It’s full of flavor from the past and open to new twists and tastes.

Your turkey soup, made from leftovers is just like life itself.

The leftovers of what you did last year or last week are primary ingredients for what you do today and tomorrow.

But just like the turkey soup, you can add flavors and ingredients that take your life to a new and exciting places.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry — No TRY THIS today.

Who wants to think of applying ideas when there’s a turkey soup waiting to be cooked and leftover pie to be eaten! 🙂

Feel free to share what you are making with your Thanksgiving leftovers in the comments below.