Five TRY THIS Posts that Have Touched Hearts and Minds

top-5This is the 52nd post on the TRY THIS blog. With two posts every week, this blog is now exactly 1/2 year old.

Happy 1/2 Birthday! TRY THIS is Now 52 Posts Old!

Since June 4, 2013, I’ve posted twice a week.  Every Tuesday and Friday there’s been a new piece with a practical application.

Over these six months, more and more people have signed up to get this blog in their email. (HINT – If you aren’t signed up for that yet, you can do it at the bottom of this page.)

Some posts have gotten a nice buzz…

Five Favorites from the TRY THIS Archive

A Personal Note of Thanks

As Thanksgiving is upon us, I’d like to offer my thanks to you, subscribers and readers, for your comments and words of encouragement. Whenever I hear from you, my heart sings.

Thank you, Dawn Wolf.  Dawn helps me hone my writing style so the posts are clear and simple and tell a story. She’s made me a much better writer.

And thank you to Brian Brolin. Very early every Tuesday and Friday morning, before his baby wakes up, Brian is at work polishing the layout and wording of that day’s post. He makes them attractive and easy to find on Google search.  And he often adds just the words or turn of phrase that makes the posts sing.

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Thank you in advance.

TryTry ThisThis

Stop and Look Back

Is today a birthday for something you are working on? Perhaps it’s been 6 months or a year or five. Think about something you might look back on with a bit of pride. Highlight the best of what you’ve done.

You’ll gain a deeper appreciation for what you’ve accomplished if you take a bit of time to stop now and again to reflect and take stock.

What have been your favorite posts on the TRY THIS blog? Please let me know in the comments.

  • Dawn R. Wolfe

    Thank you for the shout-out, Andrea! I must say, working with you is one of the great pleasures in my life right now — here’s to a long, fruitful friendship!