Finding Meaning in Life by Processing Simple Observations

Finding Meaning in Life by Processing Simple Observations

How often do you pause to look at some aspect of life or the human condition?

And when you make a mental discovery, no matter how big or small, how do you process your observations?

Do you share your thoughts with a friend? Do you paint a picture or compose a song? Do you make a simple note in your phone or add an entry to a journal or diary?

Writing to Find Meaning in Life

You may have noticed that I’ve taken a vacation from writing this blog for the past six weeks. During that time, I’ve been wondering whether or not to start writing weekly posts again.

And now, I’ve made up my mind.

Yes. I am committing myself to writing the next hundred posts!


Not because I want to be read by a large and growing following. No, that doesn’t really matter, though I am happy to have you read what I write.

I will write more because writing the posts helps me make more meaning of my life.

In these six weeks of not writing, I’ve missed that.

Heightened Senses Lead to Life Lessons

Things happen and my life goes by, as it does for you too. One thing or another catches my attention for minute or even a while. And then it fades as something else comes along.

But if I know that at the end of the week, I will sit down to write, then I am always on the look out for the deeper substance in simple experiences. I look for moments that contain the kernel of an idea I might expand. I try to find the broader lesson in what otherwise might just go by.

Knowing that I will write a TRY THIS post on Sunday actually heightens my awareness every day of the week.

Over these past six weeks of not writing, too many experiences have just gone by, leaving only a faint trace rather than forming themselves into a clearer, more cogent ideas or lessons.

And so, I’m starting in on the next 100 posts. That’s a serious commitment. Two years… assuming that I lose four weeks somewhere or other. It’s short enough to see the end, but long enough to be a regular “practice.”

Join Me Through this Process of Learning and Awareness

I am happy to have you join me on this next phase of TRY THIS.

I hope that now and again the posts will spark a new idea or a thought in you. Or perhaps one will remind you of things you already knew but had lost track of. Please let me know when that happens.

Thank you for joining me.

TryTry ThisThis

Process the Deeper Meaning of Life

What do you do to capture the fleeting experiences and ideas and shape them into something more lasting? Do you pray or meditate or have deep conversations? Maybe you write in a diary. Or perhaps you are happy experiencing the flow of life and you don’t hunger for more.

Take a moment to reflect on how you process the observations and glimmers of self-discovery you make throughout your life. Is it enough, or might you gain more from processing your thoughts in a new way?

Share your favorite ways of deepening the meaning of your day to day life in the comments section below. Or leave and process your thoughts on Facebook. Facebook and the Meaning of Life… it’s funny, I know. But why not? 🙂