Fighting Procrastination: Walking Through Walls of Resistance

Fighting Procrastination: Walking Through Walls of Resistance

Every time I have a big project to do — one that take thought and attention and care — I’ve got to find a way to walk through a wall.

Again and again, I walk right up to the wall of resistance and turn around to do something less stressful.

Comfortable Procrastination Rituals

I admire people who seem not to be plagued with walls of resistance. People like that (perhaps you are one of those lucky folks) know what they have to do and simply set about doing it. It’s that simple.

But for me, that’s not what happens. Here are my standard methods of wriggling away from projects.

  • I do the dishes.
  • I clean up my desk, and the desktop on my screen.
  • I make a list of everything I’ve got to do in the hopes of feeling like I’m in control.
  • I prioritize the list.
  • I knock off a few of the easy little things on my list.

and then … hold your breath …

  • … I lie down!  Really!

Lying down for a little nap seems to be an important part of the process.

Of course, when I wake up, it may well be time to start thinking about dinner. And perhaps  by then there’s not enough time to get a good start on the big project that day after all.

Walking Through the Wall of Resistance

Admitting this embarrasses me. You may think I’m exaggerating. But honestly, it’s what I do.

The fact that I get anything of importance done is a miracle. Because day after day it is entirely possible for me to find things to do to keep from getting started.

But then, in one magical moment, my brain turns a corner and I get going. I walk through the wall. And when I do, for some period of time, everything else falls away and I revel in a sense of flow and creativity.

But it doesn’t last…

Unfortunately, the flow doesn’t last forever. And when it falls away, there I go again. Back to doing the dishes or cleaning up my desk or making lists and taking naps.

I can’t decide if I should simply appreciate the fact that I walk through walls often enough to get big projects done. Or if I should finally find a way to knock down the damn walls forever.

Do you have trouble with walls of resistance of your own making? Do you have tricks and practices that work to stay more consistently productive?

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Notice Your Procrastination Process

Pay attention to your procrastination patterns this week. What do you do to get started on projects? Do you face a big wall of resistance? If so, what do you do to avoid getting started. And, most importantly, what finally pushes you to walk through the wall?

Please share your procrastination stories in the comments below. Or, motor over to Facebook and share them there. And if you have some concrete suggestions for me, please do share them!