Feeling Blue? Just Don a Red Foam Nose

You’ve probably seen a circus clown with a face painted white, exaggerated red lips and a big red nose.

But have you ever thought about being a clown yourself?

Lynn Levity

Frolic Your Way to Feeling Great

My friend Lynn Levity (pictured above) is a clown. She frolics with friendly people in New York City’s Central Park.

She does it by donning her red nose — a widely accepted symbol of fun — in public and engaging with others.

Why does Lynn clown?

Lynn’s not particularly funny in person. Nor is she an extrovert. But when she puts on her clown character, she accesses a special and joyful part of herself that connects to others in a playful way.

Want to Lighten Up Your Heart?

Lynn has learned that joy has more to do with attitude than it does with what’s going on in your life. So she’s started a group called “Lighten Up NYC” to use clowning to bring joy into people’s lives.

With simple red foam noses and clowning games, Lynn helps people light up their lives by playing in public spaces.

If you live in the New York City area, you can sign up to learn about Lynn’s play sessions in Central Park. If you don’t live in the area, you might be able to find a clowning group near you.

I think there’s some clowning in my future. I hope you’ll check it out too.

TryTry ThisThis

Lighten Your Heart With Silliness

If wearing a red foam nose in public feels like too high a price for a bit of joy, try doing some silliness in the comfort of your home with a friend.

Sit face-to-face and spend two minutes seeing who can make the silliest faces. Notice how your heart and spirit feel as you begin to laugh.

Learn more about the many benefits of clown play at Lynn Levity’s website.

In what ways do you allow yourself to let your guard down and get silly? Share your silly moments in the comments.