Setting Clear and Specific Goals to Get You Where You Want to Go


Do you love simple tips that promise to make you more effective?

If you’re like me, there’s something about bite-sized advice, written in short, compelling words that makes you think it’ll help you make your life better.

A Powerful Tip to Create a Better Life

So here’s the latest bite-sized tip that caught my attention. These from author and psychologist Dr. Ned Hallowell.

Set clear and specific goals.

Dr. Hallowell suggests setting four sets of THREE clear and specific goals — goals for today, for the week, for 6 months and for your lifetime.

Shortly after seeing Dr. Hallowell on MarieTV, I sat down with a piece of paper to write my three clear and specific goals for the day.

The process of doing the exercise was revealing.

I found that I couldn’t whittle my goals for today down to three without knowing my goals for the week. And the weekly goals depended on my goals for the year.

And of course, I couldn’t figure out my three goals for the year without knowing my three goals for the the longer term.

Set Goals for the Long Term

So I’m back at the goal-setting drawing board. But this time, I’m starting with the long term and working back to my goals for today.

The challenge is that today may be gone before I figure out the long term goals. 🙂

Okay… how about this… my goal for today is to figure out my goals for the next three years!

Do you know your goals for the next three years? How about the year? the week? and today?

TryTry ThisThis

Write Three Sets of Clear and Specific Goals

Write down three clear and specific goals for today, for 6 months and for the long term.

You may be able to start with goals for today and work up to longer term goals. Or like me, you may find that you’ve got to start with the big picture. Whatever your process, you’ll find that the process of figuring out clear and specific goals will help you make clearer, more strategic decisions.

Have you learned a tip that has made a difference in they way you live? Please do share it with us in the comments.

  • Ken Adams

    Confused. Only 3 goals daily right. Example, go to work, exercise, wash dishes?
    So that’s 3 goals. Or does he mean 3 goals in each category of your life? Example: health = 3 goals. Financial = 3 goals and so on equalling 6 pluss goals daily?

    One last question. Does going to work count as a daily goal? Same as going to the gym?

    Thanks for your answer