Don’t Do it Yourself – Ask for Help

You’ve probably heard the old saying:

Want advice, ask for money. Want money, ask for advice.

It’s a phrase people often use in the fundraising world. A phrase so simple that it masks the profound power of that sentiment.

Think of it this way…

If you do everything by yourself, you’re effectiveness is limited to your energy and knowledge and understanding and abilities.

Don’t get me wrong — you may be tremendously capable and may, on your own, be able to accomplish a huge amount. But whatever the outer reaches of your capacity, if you ask people for help, you can accomplish more!

2 Reasons to Seek Help

By asking for help and advice, you trigger two important veins of potential.

1. Outside help offers new perspectives.

First, if you ask for advice about what you are doing, you will get a new perspective. It may be aligned with or different than the way you’ve been thinking.

In either case, if you listen to the advice, your ideas will shift a bit in response. If the feedback is positive, you will strengthen your convictions for what you are doing. If it’s negative, you may rethink a bit what you are doing.

2. Outside energy can make great things happen.

Second, when you ask someone for help or advice, you trigger their energies and interest. And often, if what you have shared with them strikes a chord, they will begin to think about how they might help you move your project ahead.

The Proven Power of Asking for Help

This week the universe reminded me of the power of asking for help.

  • I wrote up a new idea in a blog post for Capital Campaign Masters. Within a few minutes of posting it, I had several people get in touch, offering to help. And the response from curious people wanting to help has continued.
  • I discussed a small fundraising project I’m embarking on with a friend. By the end of our conversation, she had come up with three ways she wanted to help. I hadn’t asked her for help, only for advice, but she was drawn to the idea and offered.
  • And then, I emailed a friend, asking him how he would structure the fundraising offer. Within a couple of hours, he not only had a great suggestion, but he said he’d make a gift to the project.

I’m not sure why I still hear a voice in my mind that says, “Andrea, just do it yourself!” As though that was sort of morally better.

If you hear that same voice in your head, remember the value of asking for help. We should each work on replacing our thinking with, “Don’t do it yourself. Ask for help.”

TryTry ThisThis

Become More Effective: Ask for Advice

What are you doing this week that might offer you an opportunity to seek help? Pick a project you’re working on and ask three people for advice. Note carefully what happens and the opportunities that open up from those simple requests. Go ahead — put this simple idea to the test. I bet you’ll be surprised by the results.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Can you help me by sharing them? (See what I did there?)

Share your comments below. Or, head on over to Facebook and offer your thoughts there. Your opinions really do help me with my work on this blog, so please, speak up!