Asking Styles: Harness Your Personal Fundraising Power

Asking Styles: Harness Your Personal Fundraising PowerWould you like to take your fundraising skills to the next level?

Are you a fundraising manager working with a diverse team of volunteers and concerned that the introverts among them will have difficulty making effective asks?

Or are you a newbie fundraiser and/or volunteer who just wants to do your best for a cause or organization you love?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, this is the book for you.

Because in Asking Styles, you’ll learn a breakthrough idea that allows virtually anyone to become an effective fundraiser — from experienced non-profit professionals to the most hesitant volunteer.

The secret comes down to a simple, overlooked concept: Be Yourself. Specifically, Asking Styles defines four different approaches (or styles) determined by where individuals fit on two axes: introvert/extrovert and analytic/intuitive. The method is a simple, easy to remember system of personality types for everyone from newbie volunteers to seasoned professionals looking for a new approach.

Once you know where you or your volunteers fit on the Asking Styles scale, you can then use that knowledge to do everything from choose the donors you’ll approach to crafting effective presentations that make the most of your unique fundraising strengths.

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What people are saying…

It was like a smack on the side of the head! When I read Asking Styles it occurred to me for the first time—everyone who asks for a gift has a style of their own. And when you determine your style, you will be more confident in asking. More effective. And more successful. Bingo!” Jerry Panas, Executive Partner – Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners

Not only has the Asking Styles system been helpful to me in asking for gifts, but it’s also helped me to relate to my development team more effectively.” Megan Hodges, Director of Development – Harlem RBI

Knowing that I am a Kindred Spirit has made a tremendous difference in my day-to-day fundraising work and outlook on asking for gifts. It’s allowed me to use the talents I already possess and given me the confidence I need to ask more comfortably and successfully.” Amanda Swan, Gifts Officer – State U. of NY at New Paltz

$24.95 Buy Now