Best of Luck – Without It, You’ll Fail


Best of luck to you!

What message do you get when you read that phrase?

That the person wishes you well?

Or that you’ll need a stroke of luck if you’re going to succeed?

Years ago, when I graduated from the Leadership Program at the Gestalt Institute, one of the faculty members handed me my diploma and said “Good luck, Andrea.”

And from that time to this, I’ve never wished anyone good luck. Because when that faculty member wished me good luck, my mind added a subtext “…you’ll need it).”

Without Luck, You’ll Fail

When you wish someone good luck, you may mean to be saying that you hope good things rain down on them. However, the implication to some people is that without luck, they’ll fail.

And while I’m always happy for a bit of luck, I certainly don’t want someone to tell me that it’s something I’ll need in order to succeed.

How you use words matters. Subtle word choices can make a big difference in how you are received.

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Find Other Phrases that Wish People Well

Experiment with expressions you can use to let people know you want them to do well that don’t have the back-handed implications of “good luck.” Try expressions like, “I’ll be thinking of you,” or “Be your most effective self,” or “I hope it goes well.”

Remember, the words you choose matter. Their implication can strengthen or strain your relationships, so choose wisely.

What expressions do you use to wish someone well? Share them in the comments below.