Ask These Three Questions Every 90 Days

three-questionsI just had breakfast with my super smart friend, Brigid Ganley, who started a new job this year.

When she was starting out in her new job, she set up a meeting with every staff member in her department and asked each of them the following questions:

  • What would you preserve and why?
  • What would you change and why?
  • What advice do you have for me?

The information she gathered from these questions has proved invaluable.

Not only did she see strong patterns when many people pointed to the same things, but every staff member was given a voice in helping her decide the directions she would take as she leads the department.

3 Profound Questions to Fine-Tune Your Relationships

I can’t stop thinking about Brigid’s questions. They are simple and profound. So much so that I’m certain we can use them in other situations with great results.

Imagine, for example, sitting down with your partner — or entire family — every 90 days and putting these questions to them…

1.  What should we continue doing and why?

2.  What should we change and why?

3.  What advice do you have for me?

If each person in your family had a chance to ask and answer those questions every three months, you’d have the opportunity to appreciate what’s working, fine-tune what’s not and get some constructive feedback.

You might consider keeping a notebook of the process so you can track what changes and what doesn’t over time.

It strikes me that even the simple act of sitting down together to talk about those topics every three months would be worthwhile.

I think I’ll try it with Tyko this weekend!  Stay tuned…

TryTry ThisThis

Try a 90 Day Scan to Improve Your Relationships

Wherever you have ongoing relationships — at work or at home — try sitting down together and asking the three questions above.

If your group is large, you might meet with each of them individually. If it’s small, you might discuss the questions together. And if it’s productive, set a date to discuss them again in 90 days.

I’m so curious! If you try this, please post your comments about what happens. I’ll post mine, too.