Ask for Advice and Be More Successful

feedbackDo you prefer to do most things by yourself?

Perhaps you don’t have the time or patience to ask for other people’s thoughts and opinions.

But asking for advice from others can help you in more ways than you realize.

Getting Advice from Experts Pays Off

Today I wrote an e-letter that will go out to thousands of people. On the surface, the task wasn’t difficult. The message was simple and I knocked it out in just a few minutes.

But because I wanted to make sure what I had written was effective, I sent my draft out to six people I know well and respect, asking them for their feedback.

I got my responses within an hour. Everyone had thoughts and comments for me. And reading their suggestions, though they weren’t always in agreement, gave me new ways to think about what I had written and how it might be stronger.

I didn’t use all of their ideas, but I did think carefully about each one.  And in doing so, I was able to rejig my letter here and there to make it sing.

Not only am I happier with the results, but by asking for their advice, I’ve strengthened my relationship with every one of my advisers.

Better Product. Stronger Relationships. More Success!

Doing things on your own is often faster and simpler, but it seldom produces as good a result as when you take the time and energy to ask others for their thoughts and then take a fresh look at what you’ve crafted.

TryTry ThisThis

Ask Other People for Their Advice

This can apply to many things you do, but for now just try one: writing. The next time you write something that requires some careful thought, don’t just do it yourself. Take the time to ask other people to read it over and offer their feedback. Be sure to ask people whose writing skills you admire.

Remember that just because someone offers advice, you’re not obligated to take it. But whether you do or not, reflecting on someone else’s opinion always triggers new possibilities and ideas you would’ve otherwise missed, leading to a better final product.

When have you asked other people for advice? What happened? Share your experiences in the comments.