Are You Afraid to Open the Doors of Possibility? Fear Not!

Afraid to Open the Doors of Possibility? Fear Not!It’s such fun to think about possibilities. You might do this or you might do that. Sometimes the opportunities seem endless and exciting.

Many doors with well-oiled hinges are within your reach. All you have to do is to gently push on them and they open so you can get a glimpse of what’s behind them.

I think of these doors as the doors of possibility.

A Doorway to Success… or Failure?

When you select one door, push it open and stand at the edge looking through the frame. What seemed like a manageable, discrete opportunity opens into a vast field.

And perhaps, like me, you pause.

No longer does it seem easy to walk through that door, though it swung open with no difficulty. Suddenly walking through it represents a commitment.

While you may be able to walk back out, you won’t be able to do that easily. Because once you take a step through, you’ll start down a new path, making promises, setting timetables, being accountable to partners or customers or friends.

And you might fail.

That’s where I stand. Right at the threshold of opportunity… or failure.

LIZARDBRAINMy fear is palpable. My Lizzy Brain becomes loud with her words of caution. And I ask myself why I should commit the energy and resources to a new, bigger project when I might easily just enjoy the safety of where I am.

Then this morning, the answer came to me.

It’s Not Just About Me

It’s quite simple, really. It’s not that whether I want to increase my fame or fortune.

The reason I should walk through my next door of possibility is that I have something to say and information to share that will be very helpful to many people. 

What motivates me to step over the threshold is the realization that by doing so, I may be able to make the world, or at least little corners of it, a bit better.

The knowledge and understanding I’ve gained from nearly four decades in fundraising can help young people be more successful if I’m willing to share what I know with the most people and in the most effective way.

Thinking about it that way, it seems worth the risk of failure to walk through the door and commit myself to whatever lies behind it.

What is the door of possibility that’s right in front of you? And what will motivate you to walk through it?

TryTry ThisThis

Walk Through the Door to Your Next Big Opportunity

Make a possibility list. (I like making them on paper napkins in the local cafe.) Imagine each of the items on the list as doorways with well-oiled hinges. Imagine pushing them open, one after the other, and peering through. Notice which of them pulls you. Notice which ones scare you. Finally, take a moment to consider how much better and brighter the world may be, either for yourself or others, if you take the plunge.

Then… take it! Know that while the threat of failure is real, you (and the world) stand to gain so much more by simply trying — regardless of whether you succeed or fail.

What opportunity have you considered that gives you pause? What do you stand to gain if you take it? Share your comment below.