Welcome ALDE Conference Attendees!

I’m so glad you’re here. That must mean that you’re interested in learning more about asking or that you’re just curious. That makes two of us!


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These tools are free to download, so please take advantage of them.

And as a thoughtful person, I’d bet dollars to donuts that you’re interested in more than just improving your asking technique.

Beyond asking …

I’m interested in human nature — mine and yours — whether that’s expressed through the way you ask for gifts, or the way you make decisions, or the way you interact with others.

Each week I write a short post on something thought provoking. Sign up for the RSS feed at the bottom of the website homepage, and you’ll get my newest blog post in your inbox and it may nudge you to see the world just a little differently.

Each post ends with a request to TRY THIS — a small, simple experiment, but one that has the potential to change they way you see your life.

Expand your mindA few examples:

If those topics pique your interest, then join me as we jostle our thinking a bit.

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