A Little Bird Told Me…

birds feedingI’m on vacation in the Berkshires, where my husband and I have rented a beautiful house overlooking the Housatonic River.

Two days ago we filled a bird feeder with sunflower seeds, and I settled in and started waiting for the birds to come.


And waiting.

Then, yesterday a little flapper (I’m really not a birder… apologies to those of you who are) made a quick stop at the feeder, grabbed a seed and flew away.

Time passed and no more birds –- but, gradually, they started coming by to claim their own treats. And by the late afternoon, our bird feeder was the focus of a small community.

I couldn’t help but think, “How like people!” Because isn’t that the way we are?

Someone tries something and tells a couple of friends. They look on from a distance to make sure the experience is safe and appealing before hopping on.

But then they do, and if the experience is “remarkable” they’ll do just that –- remark on it to their friends. Soon, like my bird feeder, a community will form.

The birds knew all along.


TryTry ThisThis

Share information about something you love with a friend

We have so many ways of sharing information about things we like, but the most powerful one is still person to person. Tell a friend about something you think is remarkable. Share the knowledge. It’s a
generous act.

If you could start a trend, what would it be? Share your thoughts in the comments below.