9 Power Principles for Making a Dent in the Universe

chick_nuggetI subscribe to Daily Nuggets put out by For Impact and The Suddes Group, a fundraising consulting firm that has an innovative approach to their work.

Every day, a Nugget arrives in my in-box. They are written for people in nonprofit fundraising, but they have much broader application to business and life.

9 Nuggets of Wisdom

Today’s Nugget hit home with me.  So, with thanks to the folks at For Impact, I share with you my adaptation of the For Impact 9 Guiding Principles. They’re simple, but each is pithy and worth pausing to think about.

  • Start With Why.  (Then move on to What and How.)
  • You Become What You Think About.  (You do have control over what you think.)
  • Change Your Vocabulary.  (The way you talk changes the way you think and act.)
  • Think Big. Build Simple. Act Now.  (This one stands on it’s own.)
  • Do The Math.  (Know the numbers. Own the consequences.)
  • Change the Rules.  (If the current rules aren’t working, make up some new ones.)
  • Drive the Bus.  (You drive who’s on your bus, off your bus and in the right seats.)
  • Commit to Selling Your Vision.  (If you don’t, no one else will.)
  • Just Ask. Just Ask. Just Ask.  (Ask for help. You won’t get far without it.)

The last of these, JUST ASK, is the key.

Asking people for help will bring you out of yourself. You’ll have to explain and clarify and be fully committed to what need help with.

When you ask people for help, your influence will grow beyond just you. With the help of others, it may be much bigger than you  imagine.

TryTry ThisThis

Ask Someone for Help

Make a list of five things you could use some help with. Figure out who to ask.

Next, find your courage and ask them for help. Pay close attention to how your impact increases when you ask others to become involved.

What’s your favorite story about asking for help? Please share it in the comments.